If there’s one thing that puts many people off when thinking about building a verandah or other outdoor structure for their Melbourne home, it’s the red tape. Wouldn’t it be great if the planning and approval process was stress free? Wouldn’t it be great if you could complete the red tape in one step?

Red tape for a verandah the hard way

Take the case of a council in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A very typical council with a very typical process for organising all the permits you may require to build your verandah.

The council first points out that you will always need a building permit to build a verandah on your property. Most councils will, although there may be some that don’t. For this Melbourne council, you may also need a planning permit.

To work out which permits you’ll need, they provide a handy 11 step process. Each of these steps then include actions you’ll need to take to determine if, for example:

  • A heritage overlay may affect your project
  • Whether you are in a non-residential zone
  • What the size of your block is, to determine if it’s under 500sqm
  • If it’s under 500sqm, what’s the height and floor level of your proposed verandah
  • Is a development plan overlay in place

The council also includes a timeline, stating that it will take at least 60 days to respond to planning permit applications. Applications for building permits are assessed within ten business days. They add, however, that the first response is usually a request for more information that’s required before a building permit can be issued.

The step by step process the council provides is actually very good, as it provides a road map for you to navigate to complete the red tape. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could complete the red tape in one step instead of 11?

Red tape for a Melbourne verandah the easy way

Here’s good news if you’re not a fan of red tape. Plus, it’s good news if you’d prefer not only to complete the red tape in one step, but in fact the entire verandah design, planning and building process.

All you need to do to choose the one-step-process is to call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674. If you live in the north eastern parts of Melbourne, we’ll then get Ron Matz and his team from our North Eastern branch to swing into action.

Ron can assist you through the entire council planning process. With his knowledge of the building and planning permit process, as well as the different requirement of councils within his area, the process is a breeze for Ron.

All it takes from you is to spend time with Ron during an initial discussion to go over your requirements. He’ll then provide a free, no-obligation design and quote. Once you go ahead, he can then manage the red tape for you and when the required permits are granted, go ahead with building your new verandah and clean up the site at the end.

What do you need to do? Very little. Your main project will be to move in your outdoor furniture and barbecue at the end of the project and start relaxing and entertaining!

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

How would you like a new verandah for your Melbourne home in one step? It’s simple with Outside Concepts.

How would you like a new verandah for your Melbourne home in one step? It’s simple with Outside Concepts.