Brisbane DeckOutside Concepts is often asked about the best options and the suitability of painting decks.

Overall we would always recommend the use of a penetrating oil or stain finish rather than painting decking boards.  Over time paint can become slippery when wet and as the paint film becomes damaged due to foot traffic this can allow moisture to penetrate into the timber.  Once absorbed the moisture cannot easily escape (due to the rest of the timber being painted which acts as a barrier) which in turn can cause further damage to the remaining paint film.

If the customer requests or requires a paint finish we always recommend they talk to a reputable paint supplier for a product that will not only cover the decking boards but provide a seal.  Normal exterior paints are unlikely to provide a finish that is satisfactory.

How do you know when it is time to re apply another coat?  The answer is simply when it is thirsty you can see when the timber is dry

In simple terms any treatment that is applied to the deck has the purpose of prolonging the life of the timber as well as any aesthetic benefits that occur.  If your deck becomes wet for any reason the decking should repel the water creating “beads” on the decking surface.  On the occasion that this does not occur then it is time to re apply whatever protective coat that you have previously used.  The timing between coatings will vary and depend on a number of matters including foot traffic, amount of inclement weather directly onto surface, amount of direct sunlight and the quality of coating used.

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