There would be few who would argue that a well maintained timber deck isn’t something to be admired, so how can you make your new timber deck even more beautiful, practical and the envy of friends, family and the entire street?

Outside Concepts has come to the rescue for our top tips for a great looking timber deck.

Five timber deck tips

  1. Know your council and safety requirements because if you get caught not following the requirements we guarantee you’ll curse your deck every time you look at it. Some councils require permits for decks, while some don’t. Sometimes the size and height above the ground of your deck will also dictate whether a building permit is required. Height above the ground will also dictate whether you need a handrail around your deck.
  2. Choose the timber for your decking boards. There are several choices, including merbau, spotted gum, blackbutt and treated pine. Lighter timber such as blackbutt looks great in a beachside environment, the rich red of merbau is a great choice practically anywhere, while eucalyptus decking boards can provide fantastic knots and variations. A good idea can be to match the colour of the timber flooring inside your home.
  3. Maintain your timber deck. Unless you choose a treated pine timber deck, you’ll need to protect your boards with a commercial finish and, if you use decking oil, will need to reapply the finish every 12 months or so. Don’t be put off as it’s an easy job that virtually anyone can do. In addition, sweep your deck regularly and use a high-pressure spray to remove debris every once in a while.
  4. Make sure you allow enough space as it will drive you crazy if you have to regularly squeeze past furniture or the barbecue. A great idea, before you have your timber deck designed and built, is to place your furniture, barbecue and other items on the ground where the deck will go to ensure there is enough space.
  5. Add different layers for added interest. Incorporating timber decking steps, seats, benches, a day bed, screens or planter boxes (see images) into your design will take your deck from great to wow.

Outside Concepts are the experts at designing and building customised timber decks for Australians. Best of all, we can do everything for you, from the design to the council permits, to the build and the clean up at the end. All you’ll need to do is fire up the barbecue and invite family and friends over for the timber deck warming party!

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See Outside Concepts 5 tips for the best looking timber deck in your street.