Asian-style patios are one of the in things when it comes to outdoor living design and for good reason. Many of us love to escape Australian winters with a trip to Bali or other Asian regions and having a backyard that reminds of us of a recent sojourn will always bring back pleasant memories. In addition, this style of patio invokes feelings of relaxation and calmness that many of us look for to escape the stresses of everyday life.

So, how do you create an Asian-style patio in your backyard? Here are 5 tips from Outside Concepts:

  1. You’ll often see us in our blog extolling the virtues of steel or aluminium in patios and other outdoor structures. But if you want an Asian-style patio, steel doesn’t quite cut it. Instead, use chunky, dark timber posts, beams and other support structures. In addition, use timber in screens that you want to incorporate into the design. Plus, and it almost goes without saying, keep the timber theme when deciding on flooring by installing a beautiful hardwood timber deck. One more tip when it comes to timber, to show off the natural beauty of the timber use oils or stains rather than paint.
  2. Once your patio is built, it’s time to start decorating. You’ll find Asian-style statues in your local hardware or garden supply store and these are virtually mandatory to create the type of patio and outdoor living area you’re looking for. A water feature will also help invoke memories of an Asian resort. There are many different styles to choose from, but for smaller areas a water wall feature might be a good choice. Also consider adding lighting to add to the mood when the sun goes down.
  3. Your surrounding garden should also complement the patio theme you’re trying to create. Your local nursery will be able to help with plants that will not only complement the theme but also thrive in your area. Think plants such as palms, ferns, bamboo, bromeliads and cordylines. If space is tight, a couple of really nice pots and plants will do a great job.
  4. While it’s possible to create an Asian-style patio in your backyard no matter where you live, making it feel like Asia in winter takes a bit more effort! There are many different options when it comes to outdoor heating these days, including gas, electricity and solid fuel options.
  5. While the look of your patio can help you relax, if you don’t have comfortable outdoor furniture you probably won’t spend much time in your patio. To continue the Asian-style theme, choose garden furniture made from materials such as timber and wicker. Don’t forget to add outdoor cushions to ramp up the comfort and the look.

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