While the southern states will be shivering through another cold winter, for us Queenslanders in Brisbane the winter can be a pleasant time to get outdoors to enjoy entertaining and relaxing. So if your outdoor living area is either non-existent or needing an upgrade, now is the time to consider a new Brisbane patio.

Top 5 tips for a Brisbane patio:

  1. For your new patio to be a great investment now and into the future, it must suit the style of your home. Whether you have a beautiful, traditional Queenslander, a modern house or something in-between, matching or complimenting the style of your house is vital.
  2. Think of how you will use your new Brisbane patio, as this will determine how large or small it will need to be. If it’s just you and your partner or you only entertain small groups, your patio area won’t need to be overly large. But if you have a big family or regularly entertain for a crowd, size does matter.
  3. Closely related to the above tip, ensure you factor in enough space for your BBQ (or outdoor kitchen), furniture and other items. If you’re going to be using an existing BBQ and furniture, play around with the positioning, making sure you have plenty of room to walk in-between.
  4. Build a patio that will be useful in all types of weather. Including at least a partial roof is a good idea. After all we do receive as much rainfall in the average year as Melbourne and Adelaide combined and a roof will also be handy during sunny conditions. Also, consider installing café blinds and planting trees and shrubs nearby, to help keep your outdoor living area cooler in the warm weather.
  5. While the style will somewhat dictate your material selection, also consider how much maintenance you’re prepared to do. A timber patio will add character and charm, but will need to be maintained more than a steel or aluminium patio.

For more tips on building a new Brisbane patio, take a look at our Patios page or pick up the phone and chat to one of our Brisbane branch managers. They’ll organise a time to meet up to discuss your needs and prepare a free onsite design and quote.

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A new Brisbane patio will be a great investment for now and into the future