The decision to do any major project around your home – such as a new carport – is generally based on you and your family’s needs and wishes. However, it’s important to remember in most circumstances that your new carport won’t just be used by you, it will be used by future owners of your home.

While adding value to your home might not enter your mind in the early stages of building a new carport, it certainly will when it comes time to sell. So, how can you build a carport for your needs that will add maximum value when it comes time to sell? Here are Outside Concepts’ 5 top tips.

  1. Make your new carport look like it was built at the same time as your house

A carport that looks like it always belonged and blends perfectly with the home it adjoins or stands near will always be a winner. The trick to making this work is to create a carport with the same style, materials and colours as your home.

  1. Build a carport that complements your home

Perhaps you’d prefer a carport that isn’t an exact match for your home. A carport that complements your home can also be an excellent choice and will add a lot of style to the overall look of your property. It sounds easy but often isn’t, which is why a carport designed and built by Outside Concepts will always look better than a carport built by a DIYer.

  1. Carports add protection

One of the main reasons for building a new carport is to provide protection for your car, cars or other equipment. That’s a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s worth pointing out because it’s also one of the key items on many people’s home buying checklist. The same house with a carport is much more likely to be appealing than a house without, giving you more chance to sell your property quickly and at an improved dollar figure.

  1. Carports add curb appeal

One thing that a carport will achieve more than perhaps any other investment around your home is added curb appeal. This can mean the difference between potential buyers driving straight past or parking to look inside. It doesn’t matter how nice your home looks inside or how good your backyard outdoor living area is, if people don’t see it they’re not going to get out their chequebooks.

  1. Carports extend outdoor living space

You might see your carport as a place to park and protect your car, a future buyer might see it as additional outdoor living space. This is becoming increasingly the case as house block sizes shrink.

Contact the carport specialists

All of the above tips only add value to your home, of course, if your carport is well designed and built… And that’s where Outside Concepts come to the fore. We’ve built hundreds, if not thousands, of carports for happy customers around Australia and we’d love to build one for you and your family.

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How much value can you add to your home with a well designed and built carport?