Last week Outside Concepts Sydney West visited a client in regard to a tiled deck—something we specialise in because so many properties in the Blue Mountains are in Flame Zone. The client already had received two quotes; one from a local building company and the other from a well-known competitor in outdoor construction.

The client willingly shared the prices of these quotes, strategically seeking a better price.

However, it was a genuine shock to see the exorbitant price given by both companies. One had quoted over $68,000, the other $47,000!

Outside Concepts Sydney West estimated that the job was worth around $30,000.

Admittedly, this kind of price variation sometimes occurs if a client changes the scope of the work during the quoting process—the client may become aware of a particular construction issue or add additional design features they had not initially thought of.

But sometimes huge variations in the quoted cost of a particular job can be attributed to simple greed.

If you want a fair price for your outdoor deck, gazebo, pergola or carport, ask Outside Concepts. We provide this quote comparison chart – it will help you compare and match prices across building companies and tradesmen.

Here at Outside Concepts Sydney West we believe in the fundamentals of life: death, taxes and quoting a fair price for the work we do. Call us today.