If you’re looking to expand your outdoor living space, then a new pergola could be just what you’re looking for.

You might ask, what’s the difference between a pergola and a patio, or for that matter a verandah? As we explored in a series of articles several months ago (see ‘What’s the difference between a pergola, patio and verandah?’), strictly speaking a pergola is an open-roofed structure used for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. Add a climbing plant, often a deciduous plant like a grapevine or climbing rose, and hopefully you’re visualising what a traditional pergola looks like (you can also see one in the main image on this post).

That’s all well and good on a nice day that’s not too hot, but otherwise can be somewhat limiting. That’s why these days, pergolas often feature a roof on part of all of the structure.

Another key difference between a traditional pergola and a patio or verandah is that a pergola can be freestanding as well as adjoining your house. A free-standing pergola can be a great option, for example, if you’ve got a view that you simply wouldn’t maximise if you built your pergola against your house.

Building a freestanding pergola can also be a great choice if you’ve got a second outdoor living area. This is when you can really enjoy the benefits of an open-roofed, free-standing pergola, as it will be perfect on those days that are sunny but not too hot. Then, when the days are hot or rainy, you can move your outdoor relaxation and entertaining to your roofed outdoor living area.

Freestanding pergolas can also be terrific for providing an outdoor living environment around a pool (see the other image on this page), spa or other outdoor feature.

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A pergola can add beauty, poise, form and a focal point to your home.