While some of us enjoy painting and performing maintenance around the home, if you’re a little more lax and prefer to relax, then a low-maintenance outdoor carport, pergola, patio or verandah is definitely the way to go. And if low maintenance is on your agenda then it pays to start from the ground up, with steel outdoor structures such as posts and beams.

While steel has historically had a reputation for being expensive and less pleasing to look at than, for example, timber, these days this reputation is more myth than truth. In fact, from a cost-point alone, in some cases steel can be just as economical as timber. Plus steel has come a long way in the looks department.

Part of this is due to products such as firmlock steel. These metal beams consist of two C-sections that lock firmly together, thus the name firmlock. The result is a lightweight yet strong and durable beam that won’t warp or split. It’s also incredibly straight and uniform, making it easy to work with. It can be used as a structural beam or purlin for all outside projects and even home extensions.

And the look? While it’s difficult to beat timber for aesthetics, but firmlock certainly comes close.

Still not sure. Well, consider these benefits of steel outdoor structures:

  • Steel comes in a wide range of pre-painted colours, to suit almost any home.
  • Steel is extremely strong and won’t rot.
  • Steel is fully recyclable.
  • Steel outdoor structures are often quicker to erect, as the components are fabricated off-site.
  • Perhaps best of all, steel is low maintenance.

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Steel outdoor structures, such as this Firmlock carport and entertainment area, are a solid decision.