With Australia’s real estate market prices continuing to rise in many parts of the country, most people who undertake improvement work around their home do so with one eye on improving their lifestyle and the other on adding value to their home. A sure fire way to add value to your home while at the same time improving your own lifestyle is to add a new outdoor structure. While our outdoor design styles may have changed since the first verandahs were added to miner’s cottages and Queenslanders, one thing that hasn’t changed is Australia’s love for all things outdoors, including outdoor entertainment and relaxation.

A new outdoor structure adds to your lifestyle

Imagine the endless outdoor living opportunities you will open up if you add an outdoor structure to your home? Whether you like intimate relaxation opportunities with the family or large gatherings with friends, a well-designed outdoor structure will entice you outside to cook, eat, drink, relax and entertain.

Opening the inside to the outside is one of the buzz terms of today and for good reason. If you don’t have an outdoor structure you’re missing out and so too could future owners of your home.

A new outdoor structure will add value to your home

An outdoor structure will add value to your home for a number of reasons:

  • For today’s home buyers, a quality outdoor living area is one of the big ticket items when looking at real estate. In fact, it’s fair to say outdoor structures are in demand. So even if you’re not a big fan of entertaining and relaxing outside, it’s likely that the next owner of your home will be.
  • An outdoor structure can be relatively inexpensive when compared with other improvement projects around the home. A well-designed outdoor structure will almost always add more value to your home than it will cost.
  • Even if the housing market in your area is flat or in decline, a new outdoor structure makes sense. A well-designed and built outdoor living area will lift your home above similar homes that don’t have outdoor entertainment and relaxation options, making it more desirable for potential buyers and more likely to sell.

One of the keys when building a new outdoor structure with an eye to add value to your home is to think about not just your needs and styles, but also the needs and styles of the majority. Quirky outdoor structures, designs and styles may be fine for you, but if you are wanting to add value it is better to stick with traditional outdoor structures and styles that match or complement your existing house.

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote when you’re ready to add value to your home and your outdoor lifestyle.

Add value to your home with a new outdoor structure by Outside Concepts.