We are expert carport builders

Looking for reliable carport builders in Adelaide? At Outside Concepts, we specialize in designing and constructing high-quality carports that blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. Our Adelaide-based team of expert carport builders is dedicated to delivering custom solutions that meet your specific needs.

As leading carport builders in Adelaide, we at Outside Concepts build custom carports that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Our Adelaide team understands the local climate and design trends, ensuring your carport is perfect for your home.

With years of experience as carport builders in Adelaide, we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our Adelaide carport experts use only the best materials and the latest designs to ensure your carport stands the test of time.

Protect your vehicle from the weather 

If you’ve ever lived in a country where the sun doesn’t rise during winter you’ll appreciate the sun’s warmth, but in Australia that warmth can sometimes be a hassle. Like when you’ve parked your car in the sun on a hot summer day. Which is why an Adelaide carport is not just a great investment, it’s a sun-wise decision.

While we all know that a car that’s been parked in the sun gets hot, what might surprise you is how hot it can get – between 30 and 40 degrees hotter than outside the car. This coming week, for example, with Adelaide temperatures tipped to be around the mid-20s, this means your car may get to between 55 and 65 degrees Celsius. On an extremely hot day of 40 degrees or more, the temperature inside your car can easily exceed 70 degrees! *

Parking your car in the sun when you’re out and about may often be unavoidable, but not when it’s parked at home. Not when you have can have a new carport installed for your Adelaide home by Outside Concepts.

An Adelaide carport will not only keep the sun off your car during the warm weather, it will be more than handy all-year-round. Perfect for those rainy days and perfect for frosty mornings. But more than that, a well-designed carport will suit the style of your home and add significant value to your home. That mightn’t be something you’ll appreciate now, but you will notice it if ever you decide to sell.

* Source: Health NSW

We are expert carport builders

Outside Concepts are experts at building outdoor structures, including carports. We’ve built hundreds of carports for all styles of houses – from period style and cottage homes up to modern and contemporary.

So, if you’re in the market for a new Adelaide carport, give us a call on 1800 601 674. But be quick. The hottest part of the year is fast approaching!

NOTE: Remember to never leave children or animals in a parked car, particularly during hot weather. It’s downright dangerous and can be lethal.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Click here to contact us.

Design and Construction

A carport is typically a more open structure, often consisting of a roof supported by posts or beams.

Unlike a garage, it usually doesn’t have four walls. Its open design makes it less secure but also easier and often cheaper to construct.

Security and Protection

Since carports are open, they offer less security and protection from theft or vandalism.

Some of our clients install security cameras in their carports to deter vandals. 

Weather Protection

Both carports and garages provide protection from weather elements like sun, rain, and snow.

Space and Usage

Garages often serve multiple purposes, including storage space, workshops, or even recreational areas, in addition to housing vehicles.

Carports, being more open and less secure, are primarily used for vehicle parking only.

Lower Construction Costs

Carports are generally less expensive to build than garages due to their simpler design and the fewer materials required.

They don’t usually need extensive groundwork, walls, doors, or windows.

Reduced Permit Requirments

In Adelaide the cost and complexity of obtaining building permits for a carport can be lower than for a garage.

Adaptability to Different Spaces

Carports can be designed to fit into a variety of spaces where a garage might not be practical.

This includes narrow or awkwardly shaped areas of a property.

Variety of Uses

Besides vehicle protection, carports can serve as covered areas for outdoor activities, like barbecues or gatherings, offering protection from sun and rain.

Adelaide Carport Gallery

Explore our gallery showcasing a range of carports we’ve built across Adelaide. Each project highlights our expertise as carport builders and our commitment to delivering functional, stylish, and durable carports.