While there are many benefits to having a carport, and disadvantages if you don’t, if your car has been parked overnight in the open lately you may have discovered a significant inconvenience. With temperatures plummeting, frost has begun to blanket the windscreens and windows of any car exposed to the elements, creating a morning hassle that most people could certainly do without.

Winter woes without an Adelaide carport

Imagine waking up on a chilly winter morning, already dreading the cold, only to find your car’s windshield and windows coated in a thick layer of frost. Instead of starting your day smoothly, you’re forced to spend precious minutes scraping ice, waiting for the defroster to kick in, and shivering in the process.

While most of Adelaide generally gets less than 10 frost days a year (although in the nearby Adelaide Hills it can be many more) this morning annoyance is a reality for some residents who don’t have the protection of a carport.

Later in this blog we’ll look at the best ways to remove frost from your car, however, the best way is not to get it on your car in the first place. With a new Adelaide carport. While we won’t bore with you with the science of how frost forms, the good news is that if your car is undercover it will be protected from frost.

The other annoying aspect of winter is the cold and the rain and a carport can be a lifesaver here again.

The best place to locate your carport to provide maximum protection from the elements is close to the house. Having your carport close to your house provides easy access to your cars for you and your family. You can load and unload groceries, luggage or other items without stepping outside into the weather.

So, if you’re in the market for a new Adelaide carport, keep this in mind when deciding where to locate it. While a carport close the house is not the only option and it may not be possible for all homeowners, it is often the best location.

Remove frost from your car windows

The RACV recently posted an excellent blog on the best ways to remove ice from your windscreen. The options and additional tips include:

  • Commercial solutions that can help melt the ice.
  • Ice scrapers
  • Your car’s defrost function. Turn the heat up to the maximum setting and don’t forget the rear defroster.
  • Lift up your windscreen wipers to make sure they are not frozen to the glass and ensure there’s no ice on them before using.
  • De-ice your side mirrors as well to ensure good visibility.
  • Never pour warm or hot water onto your windscreen or windows.
  • Neither should you use salt or vinegar as these can damage the paint and glass on your car.

Get a quote and design for a new Adelaide carport

Winter mornings can be bad enough without having to clear frost from your car or risk getting wet in a downpour. To reduce your winter woes, get a new carport for your Adelaide home from Outside Concepts.

You’re guaranteed a warm reception when you contact Craig Arthur, our Southern Branch manager. Craig services all the southern suburbs of Adelaide. With around 30 years in the industry, he has the experience and knowledge to design and build a carport that perfectly suits your needs and matches your home’s architecture.

Contact Craig today by phoning us on 1800 601 674 or submitting a form on Craig’s branch page.

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For a less frosty reception when hopping in your car this winter, organise a new carport for your Adelaide home with Outside Concepts.

For a less frosty reception when hopping in your car this winter, organise a new Adelaide carport with Outside Concepts.