While an Adelaide carport can add aesthetics and curb appeal to your home, save you from getting wet on a rainy day and make a perfect temporary entertainment space, the key benefits is the protection it provides for your cars. After all, with our cars being our second biggest asset, we should be doing all we can to protect them.

When it comes to protection for our cars, there’s one ever-present celestial companion that we love, but cars don’t. The benevolent rays cast by the sun on our cars subject them to a silent but pervasive adversary: ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The damaging effects of the sun and its UV rays on cars go beyond aesthetics, impacting both the exterior and interior components of our prized possessions.

The unseen peril of the sun and the toll it can take on your car

  • The most visible impact of prolonged sun exposure on our cars is the fading of paint and trim. The sun’s UV rays break down the chemical bonds in the paint, causing oxidation and leading to a dulled, lacklustre appearance. Vibrant colours can lose their brilliance and the sheen of glossy finishes may diminish over time.
  • Hop inside your car and you’ll find that the sun’s influence extends beyond the exterior. The dashboard, typically made of plastic or vinyl, is particularly susceptible to UV damage. Prolonged exposure can result in cracks and fading. In severe circumstances and over time, it can lead to an overall deterioration of the dashboard’s structural integrity.
  • Beyond the dashboard, other interior components are not immune to the sun’s wrath. Seats, especially those made of leather or vinyl, can become hot and susceptible to warping. Interior panels, door trims, and any other surfaces exposed to direct sunlight may also experience warping or distortion.
  • Fabrics within the car, such as upholstery and carpets, can fade and lose their vibrancy due to UV exposure. The sun’s rays break down the pigments in these materials, resulting in a noticeable change in colour. Regular exposure can turn rich, deep hues into pale shades, affecting the overall aesthetic appeal of the interior.
  • Rubber seals, gaskets, and other components crucial for maintaining a weatherproof interior are susceptible to degradation under the sun’s influence. As rubber ages and dries out due to UV exposure, it becomes prone to cracking. This compromises the effectiveness of seals, potentially leading to leaks and increased noise levels.
  • Modern vehicles often feature exterior plastic components, such as bumpers, side mirrors and trim. UV radiation can cause these plastics to become brittle, leading to cracks and structural weakness. Regular maintenance and protective coatings are essential to mitigate this type of damage.

Beating the burn with an Adelaide carport

There’s one simple way to protect your car from the effects of the sun and UV rays and that’s simply to park in the shade. While you could try to find a tree or other protection, the best way to provide shade is with a carport.

A well-designed Adelaide carport acts as a formidable shield, safeguarding your vehicle from the sun’s relentless rays and the harmful impact of UV radiation. The primary defence lies in the carport’s roof, creating a protective barrier that intercepts and deflects direct sunlight. In some instances, the roof’s protection can be augmented by a wall on one side of your carport, screening or a garage door.

Sun Smart Adelaide carport

Now that you know the damage that Adelaide’s sun-drenched climate can cause to your cars and that a carport is the best form of defence, there’s only one thing to do. Call Outside Concepts and get a new carport for your home.

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An Adelaide carport is the best way to protect your prized possessions from the damage of the sun and UV rays.
An Adelaide carport is the best way to protect your prized possessions from the damage of the sun and UV rays.