With the hot weather hitting with a vengeance in the Adelaide area, we thought it pertinent to bring you our top tips for keeping cool in your patio. Because if you can keep your Adelaide patio more comfortable, even in the hottest weather, you’ll be able to spend more time outside, entertaining and relaxing.

6 ways to keep your Adelaide patio cooler

  1. The most important tip we can give you to keep your Adelaide patio cooler is an obvious one – make sure your patio is shaded. On a warm day, the difference between sitting in the shade and the sun can be up to eight degrees Celsius. So providing shade in your patio is imperative. Add a roof to your patio if it hasn’t already got one. Add shade in the form of umbrellas, awnings and outdoor blinds. Plant trees and shrubs that will grow high enough to provide shade in the long term.
  2. It’s not just ambient temperature and sun that can make your patio feel hot, it’s also wind. Vegetation can help, but the best way to keep hot winds out of your Adelaide patio is by using outdoor blinds. Modern, stylish and clever outdoor blinds can help keep your outdoor living area cooler in summer. And they provide the added bonus of keeping your space warmer in winter. Double the benefits!
  3. Shading and protection from hot winds will only go so far, so if you need extra cooling but are budget conscious, consider installing fans. Ceiling fans are the best choice as you can turn them on, and create cooling airflow, at a flick of a switch. Of course, you can also use portable electric fans, both pedestal and table-top varieties.
  4. You may have seen and enjoyed misting devices at events in the past, but did you know you can also install a misting system on your patio? These systems are generally cheap to purchase and easy to install for a DIYer. When you want to use your misting system, simply connect it to a hose and turn on to enjoy instant coolness. Water use with these systems is relatively small and with some systems you can also install controllers to create intermittent bursts of mist. Heaven on a hot day!
  5. Evaporative coolers – either portable or fixed – are another option to consider and are perfect in Adelaide’s low humidity. They’ll set you back a bit more than fans or a misting system but can be worth the investment.
  1. Remember, you’re trying to reduce heat sources, not increase them, so if you can move your barbecue to another shady spot.

There is one more tip, but if you already have a good patio for your Adelaide home it may be too late. That is, always consider the heat – and the cold – when building a new patio, pergola or verandah. The direction your patio faces, surrounding buildings and trees, prevailing wind and other factors can make a difference to how comfortable your patio will be all year round.

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Need to keep your cool in your Adelaide patio? See our six top tips.
Need to keep your cool in your Adelaide patio? See our six top tips.