The great thing about the new year is that you can dream up a whole new list of achievements to complete. The bad thing is that those achievements will probably still be left undone come 2023! Well, if you’re looking to design and build a new Adelaide patio in 2022, this is one resolution we can help you achieve.

The person to help you tick a new patio off your list, if you live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, is Craig Arthur. Craig is the branch manager of Outside Concepts Southern Branch and he’ll make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

The new patio process – the major steps

  1. The process begins with Craig visiting your home to discuss your new patio. There’s no sales manager who will promise all the things they can do for you, which are then kiboshed the moment the tradespeople reach site. It’s simply Craig, listening to your requirements and providing you with advice and different options to consider.
  2. Craig will then provide a free quote and design, for your new patio. There’s no obligation and you can proceed only when you feel comfortable.
  3. Once you’ve approved the design and quote, Craig will help get any necessary local council approvals.
  4. Once local council approval has been completed, Craig will begin work on building your new Adelaide patio. Most patios can be built in less than a week and some may only take a day or two to complete. Craig will look after the entire project – from start to finish – including coordination of any trades that are required.
  5. Once the build is completed, the site will be cleaned up and your patio will be ready for you to enjoy.

Like our other branch managers, Craig is very experienced at project managing so most clients do get us to manage the entire project, as depicted in the process steps above.

While our quotes are extremely competitive – partly due to our wholesale buying power – there are times when clients want to do some of the work themselves and that’s fine. For example, if you’re on a tight budget or looking to save money, you can undertake some of the work yourself or organise your own trades.

The process won’t be quite as simple or as hassle-free for you, but we’re happy to accommodate your needs.

Get the process started

To get the new patio process started, so you can begin to enjoy outdoor relaxation and entertainment opportunities as soon as possible, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674. Alternatively, you can submit a contact form on Craig’s page and he’ll then get in touch with you.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

Wanting to build a new patio for your Adelaide home in 2022? Start the process right here.
Wanting to build a new patio for your Adelaide home in 2022? Start the process right here.

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