It might not seem like it now, when we’ve just experienced the shortest day of the year and the days and nights are cold, but if you’re looking to add a new outdoor living space to your Adelaide home in time for spring, it’s time to get cracking.

Preparing for a new Adelaide outdoor living area

The best outdoor living areas start well before the holes are dug and the first posts are put into the ground. That’s because preparation and planning are key to ensure your Adelaide outdoor living area will deliver everything you’ve been looking for.

Answer these questions and you’ll have made a great start to ensuring your outdoor living area dream reaches its full potential:

  • Do you need council planning or other regulatory approval?
  • What size outdoor living area do you need? Don’t just think of your current needs and the furniture that you currently have. Consider factors such as whether you want a bigger outdoor dining table, an outdoor kitchen to replace your worn-out barbecue, or to hang a hammock where you can relax on gorgeous summer days.
  • What style of patio do you want? Your home will probably dictate this as much as anything. Generally, it’s best to choose a style that perfectly matches your home or one that complements it.
  • What materials do you want to use? Again, the materials used in your home will be a key factor here.
  • How much money do you want to spend?

When you choose Outside Concepts we can assist you in making decisions like these and help you get the Adelaide outdoor living area that meets all your needs. For example:

  • We can look after council and regulatory approval.
  • We take a lot of time to discuss your requirements before providing a free design and quote.
  • We ask the questions, to get the answers we need, to help us determine your needs.
  • We’ll help you answer these and other important questions to help us design the perfect Adelaide outdoor living area for you.
  • We’re experts at getting the most from the allowable budget and making sure you get value for money.
  • In fact, we can look after virtually everything for you. From concept to clean up is one of our mottos, and we deliver on it.

Outside Concepts builds great things. Let us build a great Adelaide outdoor living area for your home. Call now for a free Quote 1800 601 674.