One of the great aspects of living in Adelaide is that you can get outside and into your patio practically all year round. We’re the driest capital city in the nation and even in winter the temperature doesn’t dip too low.

Therefore, if you have a patio or other outdoor living area for your Adelaide home, or you’re planning one, make sure you add lighting. Installing lighting will allow you to relax and entertain in your patio at night and will enhance the beauty of your outdoors.

Patio lighting options

There are a variety of options for lighting your patio. These range from fixed lights, which will set you back a bit more, to semi-permanent options that won’t break the bank.

  • Festoon, string lights or fairy lights are an excellent budget choice for lighting your patio. Plus, they can easily be added to existing or new structures. There’s a wide range of different lights you can purchase in this category. Check out your local hardware or lighting store.
  • For patios with ceilings, downlights are an excellent idea. They look great, provide plenty of light and will likely match your indoor lighting, helping to create the inside and outside blend.
  • If you have a deck, you can also consider deck lights. The traditional deck lights look very similar to downlights. Another option for decks is to use strip lighting around the edges.
  • Traditional outdoor garden lights can also be used to light up your Adelaide patio. By adding bollards, spotlights and wall lights, you’ll have a spectacular garden and patio area.
  • You can even add pendant lights that wouldn’t look out of place indoors. Generally they are water resistant rather than waterproof, but would suit most patios with roofs.

Other patio lighting considerations

  • Not all the lighting mentioned above will operate on solar, but if it does it’s a great choice for the outdoors. Solar is eco-friendly, low maintenance and generally cost friendly.
  • White or warm white lighting is the most popular, but if you like to entertain – or should we say party – you might want to have coloured lights.
  • Technology is taking over many aspects of our life, so why should outdoor lighting be any different? It can be as simple as motion sensor lighting or lighting that switches on at dusk and turns off at first light. Or it can be Bluetooth controlled lighting that you can turn on and off from your mobile phone, change the colours or the lighting pattern.

Outside Concepts helps lighten the load

If you’re considering adding a new patio to your Adelaide home, factor in lighting in the design. That way, you can choose exactly the lighting that you want, without having to try to retrofit it later.

If you live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, Craig Arthur from Outside Concepts Southern Branch can lighten the load. Like all Outside Concepts branches, Craig can look after your new patio from concept to clean up.

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Outdoor lights for your Adelaide patio are a great way of ensuring you can relax and entertain outdoors whenever you want.
Outdoor lights for your Adelaide patio are a great way of ensuring you can relax and entertain outdoors whenever you want.