Last week’s blog focused on getting your outdoor living area winter ready, by making it more comfortable and inviting for the cold weather. While there are many things you can do to prepare your pergola, patio or veranda for winter, there’s no doubt that one of the most important things is to have comfortable furniture. Afterall, a set of plastic chairs and table won’t cut it for your Adelaide outdoor living area, so how do you choose the right outdoor furniture for your needs and lifestyle?

6 tips for choosing outdoor furniture for your Adelaide outdoor living area

  1. One of the most important things to consider is the size and layout of your Adelaide outdoor living area. Before you even think about heading off to the stores, take a good look at your space, do a simple mud map and take some measurements. Also consider the space you’ll need to keep open to ensure your outdoor living area doesn’t become too cramped.
  2. How will you use your outdoor furniture? If it’s for dining, then an outdoor dining setting will be your best bet. If it’s more for lounging about, then an outdoor lounge suite will suit. If you have a large enough space and a decent budget you might be able to include both. Also consider the number of guests or family that will use your outdoor living area. A square table and four chairs is hardly going to suit if you like to entertain groups.
  3. When you do go to the stores to look at outdoor furniture, don’t just look, sit down and give it a try. Some furniture looks great but is uncomfortable. You might be able to alleviate this with cushions but make sure before you get out your wallet. Because if your furniture isn’t comfortable you’re unlikely to spend a lot of time in your Adelaide outdoor living area, no matter the weather.
  4. That’s the practicality taken care of, now for the style. There are plenty of styles of outdoor furniture you can choose from and for the most part this comes down to individual choice. However, it can also be worth considering your furniture inside to help create the indoor/outdoor blend that is so popular today. The idea is not to match your furniture both inside and outside, but to complement it. The same goes with colour. You can match or complement, just don’t choose a style or colour that will leave you thinking the indoors and outdoors are separated by the great divide.
  5. Also consider accessories. Some will be for extra comfort (e.g. cushions and, especially for the winter, throws and blankets, some will just be for looks (tea light candle holders and pot plants for the table). These can help take your outdoor living area from good to wow.
  6. Lastly, generally it’s best not to go for lower quality outdoor furniture for your Adelaide outdoor space. Not only is it less likely to be comfortable, it’s not likely to last long. Your outdoor furniture could be exposed to the sun, rain, hail and other elements so needs to be a reasonable quality to withstand this and be durable for many, many years.

No Adelaide outdoor living area? Think Outside Concepts

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Looking for outdoor furniture for your Adelaide outdoor living area? See our 6 helpful tips.
Looking for outdoor furniture for your Adelaide outdoor living area? See our 6 helpful tips.