If you’re considering building a new outdoor space for your Adelaide home, a key question you’ll need to answer is what material to use for the flooring. There are a lot of options, including pavers and tiles, but none are more stunning or versatile than a timber deck.

Here are our 7 reasons to install a timber deck for your Adelaide home and key considerations to keep in mind.

7 reasons to install a timber deck

  1. A timber deck is very easy to maintain. It’s true that maintenance is required, but that’s the same for all surfaces to keep them looking as good as new. To maintain your timber deck, give it a sweep every now and again to remove dirt, dust and debris, and re-oil every year or two.
  2. If you have an uneven surface, a sloping block or an elevation, a deck will be easier and cheaper to build than most other options.
  3. Build a new timber deck for your Adelaide home and look after it, and it will reward you with decades of use. Timber decking is strong, tough, durable and long lasting.
  4. With most people using timber inside their home, a timber deck provides a seamless transition from the inside to the outside.
  5. A deck will give your outdoor space a more natural look. Timber is ‘real’ after all and isn’t manufactured or heavily processed.
  6. A deck can be used in virtually any outdoor space, including surrounding a swimming pool or spa.
  7. Add a timber deck to your Adelaide home and there’s little doubt that you’ll appreciate the outdoor space you’ve created – and so too will any future buyers of your home. A well-maintained deck is a great selling point when it comes to putting your home on the market and is likely to add value to the price you achieve.

Key considerations

  • Decide which timber to use. Merbau is the most popular choice and it is a great option, with its rich red colour and durability. There are also several Australian hardwoods you can choose, plus, particularly if budget is limited, treated pine.
  • Make sure any new outdoor area you intend building will be big enough for your needs. Consider all the furniture you want to have on your deck, your barbecue and the number of people who may use the area.
  • Any timber deck can look amazing, but to make it look even better, add a feature. A timber screen, bench seating, day bed or planter boxes will elevate your outdoor space to the next level.
  • Do you need a permit for your new deck? Some councils may require a permit while some won’t. Check this out early as it can add weeks or months to your project.

The best timber decks in Adelaide are designed and built by Outside Concepts

If you live in the Adelaide area here’s another great tip – get your new timber deck designed and built by Outside Concepts.

Your key contact in the southern suburbs of the city is Craig Arthur, our Southern Branch manager. He has vast experience in designing and building all types of outdoor structures in Adelaide, including timber decks.

For a free discussion, quote and design, call 1800 601 674 or submit a contact form on Craig’s website page.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

Considering building a new outdoor space for your Adelaide home? A timber deck is your best option.
Considering building a new outdoor space for your Adelaide home? A timber deck is your best option.