Are you one of those people who want everything to make financial sense? When it comes to building a new Adelaide verandah, therefore, the numbers must stack up. Most people would think about the relaxation and entertainment opportunities for them; you’re thinking of the extra money you’ll make when it comes time to sell.

So, do the numbers stack up if you add a new verandah to your Adelaide home? What will it do to the price of your home when you sell?

A new Adelaide verandah will add value to your  home

It almost goes without saying that a well-designed and built verandah will add value to your home. When you’re laying out several thousands of dollars and often more, you’d expect to at least to recoup your investment and in general you will. Why?

  • One of the most appealing factors of adding a verandah is the expansion of living space. It’s like having an outdoor extension of the interior, where people can soak up the sun, entertain guests or simply unwind with a good book. This additional living area not only enhances quality of life but also increases the overall value of the property.
  • We all love spending time in nature, but sometimes the weather can be less than ideal. A verandah provides a sheltered outdoor space, shielding people from the scorching sun and unexpected rain showers. With a verandah, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while staying protected from the elements, ensuring maximum comfort and usability.
  • A verandah can have a positive impact on your home’s energy efficiency. By providing shade during the hot summer months, a verandah can help reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering the home, therefore lowering cooling costs. Additionally, during colder months, it can act as a barrier against chilly winds, minimising heat loss.

How much value can a verandah add?

The value added by a new verandah or any outdoor living area can vary significantly based on multiple factors. These can include the size of the outdoor space, its functionality, design quality, location of the property, local real estate market trends and the preferences of potential buyers.

In general, a well-designed and functional outdoor area can substantially increase a property’s appeal and overall value. In Adelaide, where outdoor living is highly valued, a thoughtfully crafted verandah that complements the home can potentially increase the property value by anywhere from 5 per cent to 20 per cent. However, this figure can vary and isn’t guaranteed, as it heavily depends on the factors mentioned above and market conditions.

What we can say with certainty is that a new verandah will make a great first impression for potential buyers. They’ll picture the entertainment and relaxation opportunities the verandah will provide. In a strong market for sellers, this can mean a premium price for your home. In a weaker market, it can mean the difference between selling or sitting on the market for many months.

Well-designed and built is a key

Whether the new verandah is for you or for future resale, there’s a key to achieving the best results. That’s to always make sure you add a well-designed and built Adelaide verandah.

To get the most from your verandah, it needs to be designed to suit your home and needs. It also needs to be built by professionals using the highest-quality building materials. Professionals like Outside Concepts.

In Adelaide, that’s Outside Concepts Southern Branch. Craig Arthur and his team don’t sell verandahs; they design and build customised solutions. While Craig has built hundreds of structures in his nearly 30 years in the industry, each one is totally unique. Designed with the homeowners and the home firmly in mind.

For a free design and quote, contact Craig by submitting a form on his branch page or by phoning Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.

Looking for a solution to your outdoor lifestyle? Call us now for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

How much value could a new verandah add to your Adelaide home?

How much value could a new verandah add to your Adelaide home?