If you are considering covering your deck or outside living space look no further than polycarbonate. Outside Concepts Sydney West has more than 10 years experience in using polycarbonate.

Richard van den Broek, owner of the Outside Concepts Sydney West franchise explains, ‘polycarbonate is a really versatile roofing material and is available in two forms – as corrugated sheets and as twin wall. The twin wall sheets are made with a honeycomb sandwich layer which provides a higher level of insulation than the corrugated sheet’.

There are several reputable suppliers of polycarbonate in Australia including Laserlite, who make single-wall polycarbonate and Makrolon a multi-wall product; Burnside Plastics who make Sunpal; Ampelite who make Solasafe and Danpal who import a product called Dampalon.

All polycarbonates share several features that make them the ideal solution for your outdoor living area. They are lightweight, yet carry high wind-load ratings and provide both a high impact resistance and greater UV protection than glass.

They offer the opportunity to have a roofed area that is waterproof, visually appealing, easy to maintain and long lasting. Polycarbonate roofing allows more light transmission than a solid roof, and is manufactured in a range of tints and colours.

In general, the greater the light transmission, the greater the heat penetration, so choosing the type of polycarbonate requires striking a balance between the two. If you are in a colder area the transparent tinted options will suit perfectly. In hotter regions the opaque and metallic tints will provide excellent shade and remain cooler while still permitting a soft daylight level of light.

Call your Outside Concepts franchisee today to see the full range of polycarbonate roofing products and discuss your building needs.