Considering all the rain and flooding that Eastern Australia has experienced in the past year, I want to share my experience and our unique solution in resolving a potential flood inundation issue at my own home.

After the storm in December which was described as a ‘1 in 100 year event’ flood water inundated our home. I was determined to find the cause of the flooding and prevent a reoccurrence in the future. After some investigation, I found the inundation was a result of the street storm water drain backing up through an aggregate drain under the paved court yard. The water was unable to get away fast enough and flooded our home.

After some thought I settled on a feasible solution—to remove the paving and excavate the court yard by 300mm in preparation of a timber deck. This allows the area below the deck to become a flood water retention area in an event of another storm, aided by the strategic placement of drainage holes along the fence line.

Why a timber deck? These days we are able to build decks using materials which are resistant, durable against moisture and visually appealing. I selected F7 treated pine for the deck frame with posts of treated to H5 given they are in contact with the ground. The decking material is 90x19mm Merbau being the most affordable hardwood decking available and is attached to the frame using stainless steel decking screws. We know the end results speak for its self.

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