Whether you’ve lived in your Melbourne home for some time or you’ve just moved in, if outdoor living space is lacking then it’s time to do something about it. Upgrading your home by adding a timber deck is a great idea and will provide many benefits. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

6 reasons to add a timber deck

  1. Outdoor living is one of the biggest trends in the lifestyles of Melbournians and indeed Australians. We all crave a place to relax and entertain outside. A place to put the BBQ and outdoor furniture and make the most of the nice weather. Build a timber deck for your Melbourne home and you’ll create a space where you can make your outdoor living dreams come true.
  2. A timber deck isn’t your only choice for creating an outdoor living area, but it is, in our humble opinion, the best looking. Whether you choose Merbau, an Australian hardwood or some other decking timber, keep the colour natural or stain the timber to suit your colour palette, you’ll have a surface that will create a wow factor.
  3. Timber is more forgiving than other options. For example, if you drop crockery on a paving slab you can kiss it goodbye, but drop it on timber and it may live to serve another day. It’s also more comfortable for you, because timber doesn’t get as hot in summer and it’s comfy to walk on in bare feet.
  4. Timber decks are versatile and can be added to virtually any Melbourne home, whether you have a flat area or your home is on a sloping block. Other options may require costly work to excavate your site or create a flat surface for your outdoor living area.
  5. A simple deck is a relatively inexpensive and quick project to build. Although, you can add to the complexity to suit your needs and add more wow factor, which will add to the time and cost. For example, you could include raised planter boxes, timber deck seats or benches, different levels and timber deck screens.
  6. While you mightn’t be considering selling up now, when you do, it’s highly like your timber deck with pay you back handsomely. Adding outdoor living space is a great way to increase your home’s value.

Outside Concepts Essendon for your timber deck

If you live in the north western parts of Melbourne, you’re in luck. Outside Concepts Essendon may be based in and around Essendon but they service all areas to the west (including Werribee, Bacchus Marsh and Gisborne) and also parts to the north. And they can build you a fantastic timber deck.

To find out how Kose and his team can help extend your outdoor living, phone 1800 601 674 today or go to the Outside Concepts Essendon branch page and complete the contact form.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

Adding a new timber deck to your Melbourne home will have many benefits.
Adding a new timber deck to your Melbourne home will have many benefits.