There’s an old adage that children should be seen and not heard, but when it comes to neighbours and your outdoor living area, we reckon they shouldn’t be seen or heard. No offence to neighbours, but we’ve got some relaxing and entertaining to do!

So, what do you do if your outdoor living area is about as private and noisy as a city mall? Here are Outside Concepts tips.

5 tips to a quieter, more private backyard outdoor living area

  1. If privacy is a concern, then you need something to screen the view. You can install a stylish screen that fits in with your outdoor living area and décor, or plant a living hedge, which can also help to reduce noise. Another excellent option is outdoor blinds. The beauty about modern outdoor blinds and privacy is that you can now get fabrics that allow you to see out without letting others see in. Plus, you can raise them whenever you like.
  2. It sounds obvious, and it is, but if neighbours and privacy is your main concern, then you might need a new fence. Just make sure your new fence is high enough and solid enough to improve privacy. You might want to avoid your neighbours while in your outdoor area, but if you do need a new fence you will need to discuss it with them. You want privacy, not to start neighbour wars!
  3. Speaking of fencing, a good way of reducing noise is by installing a dense fencing structure – think brick, thick brushwood fences, modular walls, etc. The fence should be around two metres high to prevent noise plunging over the top.
  4. To reduce noise, as mentioned above, vegetation can be a good option. Just make sure there are no gaps, and the hedge is dense and reasonably high. For best results, if you have enough space, you could even plant two or more rows of vegetation, with the back row a little higher than the front.
  5. Eliminating noise altogether is virtually impossible, particularly if you have noisy neighbours or a busy road. So, mask the disturbing sounds by creating some of your own noise. For instance, install a water feature or outdoor speakers to stream your favourite music.

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Noisy neighbours or a lack of privacy can reduce your time in your outdoor living area.