If it’s one thing that COVID- has taught us, it’s that it pays to have at least one area around your home where you can plonk yourself down to relax, enjoy a meal or a drink, and reflect on more normal days to come. For those lucky enough to have a patio alongside their Adelaide home, it’s been worth its weight in gold.

But what if you don’t have a patio or a nice place to relax outside? Simple, you can call Outside Concepts and organise one of our Adelaide branch managers to begin the process with a no obligation discussion, design and quote.

Adelaide patio

If you live in Adelaide’s east, this means we’ll put you in touch with Brian Rohan, our Eastern Branch owner and manager. He services the entire eastern part of Adelaide, including the Adelaide Hills. Brian knows this area very well and understands that when it comes to patios and other outdoor structures, Adelaide people like individuality.

“That’s why we take the time to find out about you, your needs and just as importantly your budget, before providing an innovative design that will suit your home and your lifestyle,” Brian says.

Brian adds that he doesn’t provide a one product or one size fits all solution when it comes to designing and building patios or other outside structures. In fact, his structures are as individual as the homeowners he builds them for.

Creating a relaxing Adelaide patio

One thing you’re likely to want to achieve with any new Adelaide patio, is to create a place that is relaxing and comfortable. Here are some tips from Outside Concepts to help you do just that:

  • It’s hard to relax on furniture that’s uncomfortable, so invest in good quality, comfortable furniture. This, of course, could include a dining suite and/or lounge suite, but to really treat yourself consider adding a hammock, hanging chair or reclining seat.
  • If your Adelaide patio isn’t particularly private, an instant solution is outdoor blinds. There are even clever outdoor blinds that Outside Concepts can install for you, that let you see out while stopping prying eyes from seeing in. You might also consider planting trees or shrubs to provide screening.
  • If your outdoor living area is a little noisy, one of the easiest ways to reduce the noise is to add some of your own. This could be in the form of some running water or wind chimes, or a Bluetooth portable speaker or outdoor speakers.
  • A patio can be a nice spot to relax during the day, but can be even more splendid at night. Enhance the feeling with the use of subtle outdoor lights or candles.
  • Create a beautiful garden surrounding your Adelaide patio. Ferns and palms are particularly good, as they create a tropical feel. You might even be able to kid yourself that you’re on holiday!

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

A good Adelaide patio has been worth its weight in gold during this year.
A good Adelaide patio has been worth its weight in gold during this year.