A new outdoor living area can help you do both

There comes a time when most homeowners face an important and often difficult question. Is it time to sell my current home and buy another or renovate my current home? We’re sure that many homeowners in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne have faced this very question and here’s one possible solution that will suit both options – add a new outdoor living area to your Bayside Melbourne home.

Bayside Melbourne outdoor living area will help you move

Real estate in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne is vibrant and always fascinating. There are the established beachside suburbs, such as Brighton, Hampton and Sandringham, that have long commanded a premium price, while there are suburbs such as Cheltenham, Hampton East and Brighton East that are up and coming. Like most other capital cities, the condition of the Bayside Melbourne market can depend on a range of factors, such as supply and demand, mortgage lending criteria, government grants and other market conditions.

If you’ve decided that moving to a new house is your best option it’s not time to whack up the real estate signs just yet. While several years ago you could put a house on the market after a quick clean up, todays buyers expect more. They expect a house with style and wow factor and to achieve this in Bayside Melbourne you simply have to have a good outdoor living area.

When the market is strong, a practical and stylish Bayside Melbourne outdoor living area can help your property achieve a premium price. When the market is slow, a good Bayside Melbourne outdoor living area can mean the difference between a sale and no sale at all. While there are some that may see potential in properties that need work, most people just want to move in an relax and with our love of outdoor living at an all-time high, patios, pergolas and verandahs have never been more popular.

As far as return on investment goes, while there is no guarantee, generally building a new outdoor living area for your Bayside Melbourne home before selling is a good idea. In fact, a recent article on domain.com.au says that adding an outdoor living area can add up to $100,000 in additional value to a home.

Like all renovations aimed to help achieve a sale, when designing and building a new Bayside Melbourne outdoor living area shy away from anything eccentric or different. To appeal to the masses, keep it simple, clean and stylish.

Bayside Melbourne outdoor living area will help if you decide to stay

If you should decide to stay and renovate, however, a new Bayside Melbourne outdoor living area can be just as valuable if your existing outdoor living arrangements are either non-existent or need improving.

When you consider the hours of entertaining and relaxing that a practical and comfortable patio, pergola or verandah can provide, most people will agree that it’s money well spent. Plus, if you do decide to sell in the future, your new outdoor living area will stand you in good stead.

The Bayside Melbourne outdoor living specialist

Whichever option you choose, the outdoor living specialist in Bayside Melbourne is Outside Concepts Bayside Branch. David Buntin and his team specialises in designing customised solutions for homeowners in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne. As a long term resident of Bayside, David can help with all aspects of a new outdoor living area, including navigating the council approval process.

Outside Concepts builds great things. Call now for a free Quote 1800 601 674.

Whether you’re staying or selling, a new Bayside Melbourne outdoor living area will be a great investment.