Creating a new patio for your Melbourne home can be completed the easy way or the hard way. In this blog, we’ll look at the steps you can take to design and build a patio, as well as highlighting the easiest way to make it happen.

7 steps to create a new patio

  1. What’s your objective? Many people bypass this step but you shouldn’t because it’s very important. With a clear aim in mind, you’ll be on the right path to creating a patio that’s perfect for you and your family.
  2. Where will you position your patio? Most often, this is off your main living area as this will create the blending of inside and outside that many Australians are looking for. It’s also practical and convenient. However, if you’re after a relaxing nook to get away from it all (remember, what’s your objective!) this may not be the best spot. It’s also worth pointing out that the best position for your patio will depend on your Melbourne home and your site.
  3. What size patio do you need? Do you have a small family or a large one? Do you like to relax or entertain? These are the main considerations when considering patio size. Always remember to factor in enough space for your barbecue, or perhaps outdoor kitchen, and furniture.
  4. Consider the flow of your patio. Considering flow and the placement of all your items (bbq, furniture, etc.) is important when organising your outdoor space. There’s the practical elements to consider, such as making sure there’s enough space between items to move. And then there’s the style to think about, such as making sure your patio looks inviting from the inside of your home.
  5. What style of patio do you want? Do you want a modern, minimalist patio or a more traditional style? The style of your Melbourne home is a key consideration here, as you’ll want a patio that reflects your home and the styling you’ve chosen inside. Take a look at our patios page for inspiration and to see the most common patio styles.
  6. What materials will you use in your patio? Start with the all-important flooring and work your way up. For the flooring, our favourite choice is a timber deck as it’s more comfortable and forgiving than other options. Plus, it looks great. It also complements the timber floors that most of us have in our homes. Next, consider the structural materials and finally the roofing materials. A good solution is to choose materials that match or complement your home.
  7. Consider other features and elements. Designing and building a new patio for your Melbourne home is just part of the project. To finish off your patio you’ll need to add your furniture, lighting, heating, outdoor blinds and any other features you want. Plus, also think about the surrounds by adding greenery and colourful plants to complement your new outdoor space.

Make it easy with Outside Concepts

The easiest way to create a new patio for your Melbourne home is to call Outside Concepts. In Bayside Melbourne, that’s David Buntin and his team. David will then visit to discuss your project and guide you on the best way to achieve your perfect outside space.

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See our seven steps to achieve the perfect Melbourne patio.
See our seven steps to achieve the perfect Melbourne patio.