There can be no denying that in the last couple of weeks, the weather in Bayside Melbourne has been getting cooler. And there can also be no denying that winter is coming. So, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to go into hibernation for the next several months or get your Bayside pergola or outdoor living area ready for winter?

If you’re still reading along you’ve most likely chosen the later. A great decision. Getting outside more is great for the immune system and can even help you reduce your stress levels. Pretty extraordinary when you consider your Bayside pergola is only a few steps from your lounge room!

But it’s important to make your outdoor living area as welcoming as possible for winter and Outside Concepts has some great tips to do just that.

4 tips to make your Bayside outdoor living area more inviting for winter

  1. Firstly, to the elephant in the room, or in this case in your pergola. Winter is cold so it’s hardly inviting to venture to your Bayside outdoor living area if you’re going to freeze or need to wear five layers. Heating is the trick and there are a variety of options to choose from. From portable and fixed gas and electric heaters to more elaborate outdoor gas and wood heaters. Another great option is a fire pit or brazier, so you can enjoy the warmth plus the ambience of open flames.  
  2. Winter can also be dark and the sun sets early, so if you haven’t any outdoor lighting it’s time to invest in some. Again you can choose from the simple to the more elaborate and the choice is totally yours. Consider your needs, as well. If you intend to cook outside quite a bit you’ll want good lighting around your barbecue, while if it’s just to sit around and chat with family and friends, some garden lights in the ground or party lights strung from the ceiling may be all your need.
  3. It’s not just the cold that can drive you inside during winter, it’s the cool wind. This is where screening or outdoor blinds can really help. If you can ‘seal’ your outdoor living area you’ll help to keep it warmer. And, of course, you’ll keep any heat you generate inside your Bayside pergola. Outdoor blinds are your most flexible choice as you can open and shut them to suit the conditions.
  4. While it’s important to have comfortable furniture, it’s even more important when the weather turns cold. Add cushions and throws or blankets and you’ll have a Bayside outdoor living area that is cosy, comfortable and deliciously inviting in winter.

Outside Concepts for your Bayside pergola

Here’s another tip that will warm the cockles of your heart. If you need a new Bayside pergola or outdoor living area, give Outside Concepts a call today.

Outside Concepts’ Bayside branch owner David Buntin has lived in the Bayside area for nearly 30 years and has vast experience in building pergolas, patios, verandahs and other outdoor structures. He can build you a customised pergola that is not just practical but will also add wow factor and presence to your Bayside home.

Outside Concepts builds great things. Call now for a free Quote 1800 601 674.

Make your Bayside pergola or outdoor living area cosy, comfortable and inviting for the coming winter.
Make your Bayside pergola or outdoor living area cosy, comfortable and inviting for the coming winter.