We all love relaxing outside during the warmer months, but unfortunately we’re not on our own – the bugs also enjoy the warmer weather. The result is that you can quickly become the meal when you sit down to enjoy a meal in your outdoor area of your Sydney home. Which is why Sydney outdoor blinds are are a great investment.

There are a variety of natural, chemical and other products you can use to deter and kills bugs but we think your best choice is to stop the bugs from entering your outdoor living area in the first place. The answer? Shade mesh outdoor blinds (also called café blinds).

Sydney outdoor blinds packed full of benefits

Café blinds are an extremely versatile product that can help you enjoy your outdoor living area more often. Depending on the material you choose, they can keep out the rain, wind and the sun, plus you have the advantage of being able to open your blinds when the weather suits.

If you’re looking to extend the comfort of your outdoor area in the warmer months, shade mesh fabric is a great choice. Shade mesh provides protection from the sun while allowing air movement. They’re also great looking. In addition, they cleverly allow people on the inside to look out while preventing people on the outside from looking in.

Plus, of course, they’re great for minimising the number of bugs.

With options such as roll-up, side zips, track-guided and even motorised, if you haven’t considered adding café blinds to your outdoor living it’s time you should. Contact Outside Concepts for a free design and quote – and beat the bugs this summer!

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Keeping the bugs out is one of the advantages of Sydney outdoor blinds.