If you’re looking to renovate or improve your Brisbane home – to enjoy now and increase your home’s value for the future – timber decking is a great option to consider.

New timber decking for your Brisbane home will improve your lifestyle. It will provide you with a great place to relax with a coffee in the morning, and to entertain with family or friends during the afternoon and evenings.

The other bonus of adding timber decking to your Brisbane home, which you might not consider now, is potential return on investment. According to a recent blog by Aussie (of the home loans fame), an outdoor entertainment area is number 3 of the top 7 things that home buyers want, behind a second living area and a renovated kitchen and bathroom. So the money you spend today on timber decking for your Brisbane home is likely to bring you even more joy when you decide to sell your house in the future.

4 tips to great timber decking in Brisbane

  • As Aussie states in their blog, people are looking for timber decking and an outside living area that flows from the indoors. Which brings us to one of the most important decisions – where to locate your timber decking. Access from the laundry, bedroom or study may work for a second timber deck but for your main decking, the living area or kitchen will work best.
  • Brisbane is a great climate for enjoying your outdoor living area all-year-round, but to do so you’ll need protection from the sun. So consider adding a pergola, patio or verandah over your timber decking.
  • Which timber is best? Timber decking will look great no matter what you choose, so this is more a personal choice than anything else. Hardwoods such as merbau and jarrah are classic choices that will give your Brisbane timber decking a beautiful, rich look. If you live near the coast, a lighter coloured wood such as blackbutt may suit. Don’t eliminate softwood, either. It’s great for those on a budget and if you don’t like the bare look, a timber decking stain or paint can help you achieve the colour you want.
  • No matter what timber you choose, looking after it will keep it looking great now and into the future. Give your Brisbane timber decking a good sweep regularly, clean it with soap and water occasionally and re-oil or stain it every year or two. Re-oiling or staining timber decking is a relatively easy job that can be knocked off easily in a day.

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