While carports are one of our ‘bread and butter’ items, there are times when we’re asked to build outdoor structures that are not strictly for cars, but you won’t find the words boat port or caravan port in our product listings or we suspect a decent dictionary!

These are essentially projects for carports that need to be modified to fit a boat or caravan, and sometimes even a bus or campervan. It may mean a carport with a higher roof or carport that is longer than the standard. It’s certainly not something that most off-the-shelf companies can provide. But for Outside Concepts, which only builds fully-customised projects, it’s right up our alley.

Fully customised doesn’t necessarily mean big budget, however. Take the case of the home owners who wanted a simple, economical and good looking solution to protect their cars and other assets, which included an impressive boat with trailer. The answer was a partially enclosed carport built using a galvanised C-section frame with Coloron Trim Dek roofing. The carport features a multi-level roof that protects assets of different heights. It’s a cost-effective solution that perfectly meets the owner’s needs.

The key to getting these carport projects right is for the homeowner to know their needs, now and into the future. A standard carport may do for now if you’ve got a tinny to cover, but if you have dreams of a boat similar to the homeowners mentioned above or another oversized item, then you’ll want to allow for this.

Outline your needs and dreams with Outside Concepts at a no-obligation meeting, which you can arrange by phoning 180 601 674. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your project, before providing a free design and quote.

For a carport to fit a large boat, caravan or other vehicle, this may include a higher or longer section. But when we say we build fully-customised carports and outside structures, we mean it. So, we’ll also discuss the roofing  and structural materials you want to use, the colours, whether you want a ceiling, lighting, a side-wall, screening or any other facet.

In short, we’ll build a carport that’s exactly right for you… And your boat, caravan, bus or campervan!

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

If a standard carport just won’t do, then Outside Concepts can help with a fully customised project for your assets.