One of the great benefits of installing café blinds in your outdoor entertainment area is the versatility the blinds provide. Want to let the sunshine in? Open the blinds. Want to keep the sun, rain or wind out? Close them up. And by installing more than one blind, it’s possible to have some blinds up while others remain down.

Take the example of this set of café blinds installed by Outside Concepts’ Busselton Branch. The homeowner, a keen bonsai grower, wanted to keep the winter rains and strong winds out of his entertainment area to protect his beautiful collection of living creations.

With their expert knowledge of café blind fabrics, Nicola and her husband Brett recommended Shadeview Extreme ziptrack blinds to the homeowner. Shadeview Extreme features an extremely strong fabric that is designed to cope with the harsh elements. It also features black mesh on the inside, which is easier to see through, and a range of colours on the exterior to complement the colour of the house. The outside colour for the Busselton project matched the colour of the existing posts and gutters and was perfectly complimented by hood boxes, let the light in on one side of the entertainment area while keeping the wind and rain out simply by closing or opening the blinds.

If you have some bonsai plants you want to protect, or need some protection for yourself in your outside living area, give Outside Concepts a call!

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Cafe Blinds in Busselton - Outside Concepts

Cafe Blinds in Busselton - Outside Concepts