There are a lot of advantages to installing outdoor blinds on your Busselton home. Protection from the elements, lower energy bills, reduced noise and increased security chief among them.

However, there’s one additional benefit that’s often overlooked – improved privacy. As we’ll explain fully later in this blog, it’s a benefit that can come with a sophisticated feature. The feature? It’s possible to install outdoor blinds on your Busselton home that allow you to see out and not allow those on the outside from seeing in!

3 ways that outdoor blinds increase privacy in your Busselton home

  1. Outdoor blinds create a physical barrier that obscures the view into your outdoor living space, so that people passing by or neighbours can’t see in. This is true for most outdoor blinds. Obviously you shouldn’t choose PVC if privacy is a concern.
  2. What’s good for your outdoor space is also good for your home. Outdoor blinds installed on the windows of your Busselton home will also create privacy. At the same time, the blinds will help to keep your house more comfortable all year round and reduce energy bills.
  3. One of the great features of today’s outdoor blinds is that it’s possible to purchase blinds that you can partly lower to any position that you want. This allows you to adjust your blinds to suit your privacy or comfort needs. It should also be noted that today’s blinds are easy to operate. You can even choose blinds that you can raise and lower simply by pulling them or pushing them by hand or, for ultimate comfort, by remote control.

Leave it to the professionals

Getting professionals to supply and install outdoor blinds for your Busselton home will produce the best results and if privacy is one of your concerns, it’s doubly important. That’s because a professional will expertly measure, customise and install your blinds to fit perfectly.

This means no gaps for people to be able to see in. It also allows your outdoor blinds to work to their optimum, in keeping the elements out, making your outdoor area or home more comfortable, keeping pests out and reducing noise.

I can see you. You can’t see me

When you install outdoor blinds with a reputable and professional business like Outside Concepts one of the choices you can make is the material. PVC is one choice, which is ideal for keeping the cold out but not so good if privacy is a concern. You can also choose from a wide range of different fabrics.

One of those fabrics is a material that offers protection from the elements and creating privacy, while still allowing you to see out. Like other fabric options you can choose from a range of colours to suit your home and décor. In general, darker colours provide a more transparent view, while lighter colours provide more privacy.

When choosing these fabrics, it’s worth noting that privacy is greater during the day. At night, people on the outside of your outdoor living area or home will see shadows or silhouettes.

Outside Concepts are the Busselton outdoor blinds experts

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Need to improve the privacy of your Busselton outdoor living area or home? Outdoor blinds, professionally supplied and installed, are the answer.

Need to improve the privacy of your Busselton outdoor living area or home? Outdoor blinds, professionally supplied and installed, are the answer.