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Carport BrisbaneWhat materials will you use for your Brisbane carport

One of the decisions people need to make when considering a carport for their Brisbane home is the materials that will be used in the construction.

An influence on this decision could be your existing Brisbane house, unit or flat, particularly if your carport is to be attached to your home. A carport that is made using the same materials that are used in your home will look fantastic and perfectly compliment your house.

However, for a variety of reasons you might not want to use the same materials. So what materials do you have to choose from for your Brisbane carport?

Timber is an obvious and common choice. It look great, it’s economical and will compliment many homes, particularly heritage-style dwellings.

But if you’re looking for materials that require less maintenance and will be longer lasting, steel and aluminium are better options. Steel is tough and is available in a wide-range of designer colours. Plus it can be used in posts, roofing, cladding, beams, guttering, downpipes and fascia. You may also consider using aluminium in some parts of your Brisbane carport. The major advantage of aluminium over steel is that it will never rust. And like steel, it’s available in a wide-range of colours.

If you’re having trouble deciding what materials to use, perhaps you should use them all! A Brisbane carport designed and built using timber can take advantage of the qualities of all three materials and will look fantastic for many years to come.

For more advice on the material choices for your Brisbane carport, phone Outside Concepts in Brisbane on 1800 601 674 or look at our website (carport Brisbane). We can help you choose the materials that will compliment your Brisbane home and meet your needs and budget.Brisbane Carports