While other Big Bash cricket teams will soon be plotting how to beat Brisbane Heat, Brisbane homeowners will have heat of another kind they’ll be trying to defeat. Brisbane is a great place to live all year round, however, it can get mighty hot in the summer months. And without a carport, your car can soon feel like an oven if left in the sun.

How to beat the heat with a carport for your Brisbane home

Brisbane’s sunny climate is no secret, in fact it’s one of the things that makes our city and state great, but with all that sunshine comes the need for effective shade solutions. When it comes to our cars, carports are a fantastic way to provide protection from the scorching sun.

In this post, brought to you by our North Brisbane branch, we’ll explore how carports can provide much-needed shade while enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your property. In the process, they can also help you keep your cool.

3 ways a Brisbane carport can help you beat the heat

Shelter for you and your vehicles

The primary purpose of a carport is to protect your vehicle from the elements, including the harsh sun. By providing a shaded parking space, you can keep your car’s interior cooler, prevent sun damage to the exterior, fading to the interior and even extend the life of your vehicle.

Safety for your most precious cargo

We’ve all heard the warnings not to leave children or pets in an unoccupied car. However, every year the RACQ receives hundreds of call outs to incidents where children and pets have been locked in vehicles. At home, it can be tempting just to duck inside for something you’ve forgotten. But, according to the RACQ, the temperature inside a typical car parked outside in the sun can increase by 10 degrees within 10 minutes.

Extended outdoor living

With home sites steadily getting smaller, more and more people are combining outdoor spaces. A new carport isn’t just necessarily for cars. You can turn your carport into a versatile outdoor living space. A great shaded area for family gatherings, a BBQ, or a peaceful spot to enjoy your morning coffee. Brisbane carports are a very versatile, shady outdoor structures.

Want a cooler Brisbane carport?

Any well-designed and built carport is going to provide shade for you and your vehicles. But what if you want to take the idea a step further and make your carport really cool?

One answer is to use insulated roof panels. These panels feature insulation in the core, which can help to make the space underneath much cooler. It will keep your vehicles that bit cooler and make your carport an even more inviting outdoor living area on a hot day.

Other ideas are to enclose one side of your Brisbane carport, particularly the west side, which receives the hot west sun. If you didn’t want to enclose your carport, you could add outdoor blinds or plant trees alongside it instead. You could even install a ceiling fan, particularly if you’re considering using your carport for part-time entertainment and relaxation.

Keep cool in your carport

For the coolest carport on the block this summer, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674. If you live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane we’ll organise Martin Harris, our North Brisbane branch owner, to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion, design and quote.

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Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer? A new Brisbane carport for your home could be part of the solution.
Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer? A new carport for your Brisbane home could be part of the solution.