If there’s one sure way of designing and building an outdoor structure that will be a style winner, it’s by matching it as closely as possible to the design of the home. As in this example of a beautiful tiled roof Brisbane carport.

Built by Martyn Hewett and the team at Outside Concepts Kenmore Branch, the carport looks as though it was built at the same time as the house, not many years later.

The key is that Martyn and the homeowners put a lot of thought into the design of the carport. In particular, they decided to build a carport that featured a hip roof (see note) and terracotta tiles, which are also a feature of the home. This has created a balance, blend and beauty that would be difficult to replicate with another roof style or roofing materials.

But, style is just one aspect to any outdoor structure. It also has to be practical and meet the needs of the family. In this case, Martyn achieved this by:

  • Building a double carport to provide protection from the elements for two cars.
  • The Brisbane carport is also large enough to double as an impromptu entertainment area. Simply park the cars on the street and move in some chairs and a table, and the homeowners have a lovely spot to relax and entertain.
  • A simple fence provides screening and separates the cars from children and pets. The height of the fence was again carefully considered and matched to the existing side fence to enhance the balance of the structure.
  • While the carport may look expensive, it wasn’t, and careful thought was given to how to create a stylish Brisbane carport that met the homeowner’s budget.

The end result is a Brisbane carport that meets the needs of the homeowners, while adding style and value. Leading to the homeowner to say, “We’re very pleased with the carport, it’s better than I’d envisioned. Thanks for the hard work. I’m sure we’ll contact you again for other projects in the future.”

Note: A hip roof is a common roof style that has all the sides of the roof sloping downwards to the walls, to form the shape of a pyramid.

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