What do you think is the number one icon in Brisbane? The Story Bridge, the Brisbane River, Kangaroo Point Cliffs and South Bank Parklands all get honourable mentions. But for us, when it comes to a true icon, it’s hard to go past the Brisbane verandah.

With our historic heritage, there are many great examples of iconic verandahs in and around Brisbane. After all, it’s one of the main features of the classic Queenslander homes. Don’t be mistaken however, a verandah doesn’t have to be old to be iconic. In fact, many of the new verandahs Outside Concepts now builds are sure to be the icons of the future.

Brisbane verandahs – the old

Queensland and Brisbane specifically, with its warm climate and outdoor lifestyle, is renowned for its classic verandahs, which have become an iconic architectural feature of homes throughout the region. These traditional Queensland verandahs are much more than a simple extension of a house; they embody a way of life deeply rooted in the city’s history and climate.

Characterised by their spaciousness, often wrapping around the entire house, Brisbane’s classic verandahs serve multiple purposes. They provide shade and protection from the sun’s intense heat, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool. These verandahs are often adorned with decorative wooden balustrades, intricate fretwork, and wide, sweeping roofs that help keep the interior of the house comfortable.

Classic Queensland verandahs are not only functional but also serve as a place for socialising, relaxing, and taking in the natural surroundings. They encourage a sense of community, with neighbours often exchanging pleasantries from their respective verandahs.

Brisbane verandahs – the new

While a Queenslander home and verandah will always = be a classic, architectural styles have evolved. So too have verandahs. While Queenslanders are still being built today, modern homes now dominate the landscape. Meanwhile, verandahs have remained a steadfast element of Brisbane homes. They’ve adapted to suit the modern design many people are now looking for.

For the modern Brisbane verandah, it’s pretty much anything goes. A timber or steel structure, tiles, metal or polycarbonate roof, any roof design including curved roofs, any size and shape.

One thing remains the same, however. The verandah is still a great place to socialise and relax.

Whether you’re sipping a cool drink on a hot summer’s day or watching a tropical storm roll in, verandahs continue to be an integral part of Queensland’s architectural heritage, offering a timeless connection to the region’s past and a symbol of its enduring allure.

Create your own icon

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From the classic Queenslander to today’s modern marvels, verdandahs remain iconic in Brisbane.
From the classic Queenslander to today’s modern marvels, verdandahs remain iconic in Brisbane.