At a time when most of us are looking to save money where we can, you might be thinking of delaying building a new verandah for your home. There is a way, however, of building Brisbane verandahs without breaking the bank. So, you can enjoy improved outdoor living now without suffering financially.

New Brisbane verandah on a budget

There are ways to build a new verandah for your Brisbane home for less, without compromising on the result. Here are our top tips, brought to you by our North Brisbane branch:

  1. Whenever you’re considering building an outdoor structure – whether it’s a verandah, patio or pergola – always set a budget. While you want to keep costs to a minimum, you also need to be realistic. You’re not going to build a verandah for a few hundred dollars, but neither should it cost tens of thousands.
  2. Whenever you’re looking to minimise the cost, it’s best to simplify the design. For example, you wouldn’t choose a Dutch gable roof, because of the extra materials and labour required.
  3. Consider the materials you choose to build your Brisbane verandah. Metal or polycarbonate roofs are more cost effective, for example, than a tiled roof or using insulated roof panels. If you’ll be using timber for the flooring, you could choose treated pine decking boards instead of hardwood.
  4. Obviously, a larger verandah will cost more than a smaller one, but you always need to keep in mind your needs. If you want to use your outdoor living area for entertaining larger groups, a small verandah simply isn’t going to do the job.
  5. Most of us love features, but you’re going to need to keep them in check if trying to keep costs down. So, installing an outdoor kitchen, fancy integrated lighting, electric heating panels and other features might be out of the question. You can potentially add these later when you do have more money to spare.
  1. Like the above tip, if your budget is extremely tight you could consider building your verandah in phases. For example, build the deck and the basic structure now and add the roof later.
  2. Sorting through council and other approval processes can add to the cost. Plus it can be very confusing for most people. Our tips? If you need approval, don’t even think about going ahead without it as it could cost you more in the long run. Additionally, hire a professional who can sort through the approvals as part of the design and building process. It might cost a little more than doing it yourself, but it’s money well spent.
  3. When looking for a Brisbane verandah builder, get a few quotes so you can compare prices.
  4. Consider getting financing to build your verandah the way you want now. Just make sure you don’t commit to a loan you can’t afford.

Brisbane verandahs on a budget? Call us.

If you live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and you’re considering building a verandah on a budget, Martin Harris can soon become your best friend. Like our other branch managers, Martin is an expert in helping customers get the most out of the money they can afford.

Martin can:

  • Look after the dreaded council planning process for you.
  • Help you decide on all important options, such as size, location, materials, style and colours, keeping in mind your budget.
  • Discuss ways to reduce the overall cost without compromising on practicality or wow factor.
  • Provide a fixed price guarantee.
  • Can build you a new verandah for less while still maintaining high standards and only using quality materials. This is why we can offer a 10-year structural guarantee.
  • Will not be beaten on any comparable written quote.

What are you waiting for? Call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 and organise a no obligation design and quote today.

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It is possible to build a new Brisbane verandah on a budget.

It is possible to build a new Brisbane verandah on a budget.