There’s a lot to be said about a well designed and built Adelaide carport, not the least of which is that it will help keep the sun off your prized assets and keep you a little cooler this summer!

However, providing a cooling cover for your cars is only one advantage of a carport in Adelaide.

Advantages of an Adelaide carport:

  • Having your car in the shade, rather than the sun, can reduce the temperature inside your car by up to 30 degrees!
  • Keeping the elements off your car with an Adelaide carport will help to protect it, keep it clean and reduce depreciation costs.
  • It can get mighty hot in Adelaide but it can also bucket down. If you’ve ever been caught in a mad dash from your car to your house in a storm you’ll appreciate the advantages of having a carport, particularly one built close to the house.
  • While frosts aren’t an everyday occurrence in the cooler months, they can be common around the Adelaide Hills area and a carport will protect your car from a frost.
  • If you’re short on block-size, as many of us homeowners are these days, a carport offers a dual advantage, as it can be turned into a temporary entertainment area for larger gatherings.
  • A well designed carport isn’t just a handy addition to your home, it will add style and value. Take a look at this example of an Adelaide carport, built by Outside Concepts in the Eastern Hills area.

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