Building a patio isn’t just about where to put the posts, deck, roof and other components. It’s about creating an investment where you can entertain and relax for many years to come. An investment that will help increase the price of your home if you decide to sell in the future.

Which is why, if you are considering building a new patio, that you should first consider some key points. Key points that will possibly make or break your new investment and determine how much of an asset your patio will be.

Key points in building a patio

  1. Consider the position of your new patio. Do you want your patio to be off the living area, kitchen or perhaps a bedroom? Don’t be too concerned if you need to create the access by removing a window and replacing it with French doors as this can easily be achieved during the building of your patio.
  2. When considering the position, don’t forget the aspect in regards to the sun and weather. If you love the morning sun, a patio on the east will work a treat, if you prefer no sun, a south-facing patio will suit. Also factor in prevailing wind conditions.
  3. Consider the view. Working hand-in-hand with the position and aspect of your patio is your view. If you’re lucky enough to have a view of a mountain range or city this might mean making the most of these views. But for most of us it simply means making the most of what you’ve got, or avoiding an unsightly view like looking over the neighbour’s fence. Again, you can improve the view during the project, with things like screens, vegetation and improved fencing.
  4. To roof or not to roof, that is the question? If you want protection from the elements, a roof will be a necessity. But if you’re only going to entertain and relax on nice days this is less of a concern. If in doubt, a possibility is add a roof to part of your patio and leave the other part uncovered.
  5. Yes, size does matter. Consider your needs carefully when building a patio and make it large enough for your needs. It can be a good idea to place your outdoor furniture, bbq and accessories where you intend to place your new patio, to get a better feel for how much space you’ll need.
  6. How much do you want to spend? While most of us would like to build our dream patio and darn the expense, budget is almost always a consideration. A budget patio doesn’t have to be boring or look cheap – Outside Concepts can work wonders when functioning with a tight budget.
  7. Material choice will play a factor in the budget but is also a matter of individual taste. For example, many people love the look of timber so will want to build a timber patio, but if you’re after a low maintenance patio metal (steel or aluminium) is a better choice. In general, it’s a good idea to take a look at the materials used in your home and choose the same or complementary materials.

Once you’ve thought about these decisions the next choice you’ll need to make is who to build your patio. But then again, that’s a pretty easy choice with Outside Concepts’ experience, quality workmanship and 10-year structural warranty. Give us a call on 1800 601 674 and we’ll help you with all the key decisions and have your dream patio up before you know it.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.