A Brisbane verandah is as traditional as a kangaroo or a meat pie and that because it’s one of the most practical investments you can make to your home. A well designed and built verandah will give you years of enjoyment and comfort. It will help keep the sun out of your home during summer and protect you and your assets – such as outside furniture and BBQ – from the elements.

So here are a few tips if you’re considering getting a new Brisbane verandah for your home:

  • Think about how wide you want your Brisbane verandah to be. A narrow verandah will provide protection from the sun during summer but still allow winter sun into your house, while a wide verandah will provide more year-round protection from the elements and give you more space.
  • The width of your verandah will also be dictated by what you want to use it for. If you’re after a verandah that will be your entertainment area, a wide and spacious structure may be required. Consider these factors during the design phase.
  • What type of roofline do you want? You may want to integrate your verandah’s roofline into the roofline of your home – which is generally more expensive but looks great – or your verandah can have its own roofline. The later gives you some freedom in terms of roofing material, as you can match the material in your house’s roof or use an entirely different material.
  • Of course, all of these decisions will be dictated by your budget. However, even on a small budget, a great verandah can be built for your home. Outside Concepts can guide you on ways of saving money while still achieving the verandah you want.

For help with your Brisbane verandah project, contact Outside Concepts today. Together we can turn your dream into reality.

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A Brisbane verandah is as Aussie as a kangaroo or meat pie