We may be a little biased, but Outside Concepts reckons outdoor blinds and awnings are essential additions to any home in Busselton. They provide protection from the elements while enhancing our homes. From versatile operating systems to a wide range of fabrics and colours, homeowners in Busselton have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect outdoor blinds and awnings for their home.

Benefits of outdoor blinds and awnings

  1. Outdoor blinds and awnings offer effective sun protection, reducing glare and UV exposure to create a comfortable outdoor environment. The same goes for outdoor blinds fitted to the windows of your home.
  2. By providing shade and insulation, outdoor blinds and awnings help regulate temperatures, keeping outdoor areas and the inside of your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  3. Outdoor blinds and awnings provide a barrier from prying eyes, allowing homeowners to enjoy their spaces in privacy.
  4. Made from durable materials, outdoor blinds and awnings withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, wind and salt air.
  5. With a variety of styles, fabrics and colours available, outdoor blinds and awnings add aesthetic appeal to homes, complementing existing décor and architecture.

Busselton outdoor blinds and awnings fabric options

  1. Ideal for all-weather protection, PVC outdoor blinds are waterproof and easy to clean, making them suitable for coastal areas like Busselton. They’re particularly good in the cold weather, creating a barrier to keep cold out and trap warm air in.
  2. Mesh outdoor blinds and awnings provide sun protection while allowing airflow and maintaining visibility, making them perfect for maintaining views of Busselton’s beautiful surroundings.
  3. Canvas outdoor blinds and awnings offer a classic look and excellent durability, providing both sun protection and insulation.

Outdoor blinds and awnings operating systems

One of the great features of today’s outdoor blinds is that you don’t need to roll them up and down by hand. Instead you have the choice of:

  1. Manual operation, which allows outdoor blinds and awnings to be opened and closed simply and affordably. Systems vary, but one of the best sellers for outdoor blinds is the ZipTrack system, which allows blinds to glide up and down on vertical tracks.
  2. Some outdoor blinds and awnings can include motorised control, so you can open and close your blinds and awnings with a touch of a button. You can also include sensors for automatic operation, for example to detect high winds or rain.

Colour options

While PVC blinds are clear, if you choose fabrics the world is your oyster:

  1. Neutral colours such as beige, grey and white blend seamlessly with most home exteriors, providing a timeless look.
  2. For a pop of colour and personality, homeowners can choose from a range of bold hues, including blues, greens and reds, to complement their outdoor décor.

Caring for Busselton outdoor blinds and awnings

  1. When not in use, retract your blinds and awnings to protect them from strong winds and to keep them clean.
  2. To maintain the appearance and longevity of outdoor blinds and awnings, it’s a good idea to clean them regularly using a soft brush, a garden hose, or mild soap and water.
  3. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the fabric or finish of outdoor blinds and awnings.
  4. Lubricate any moving parts once a year, taking care to keep oils away from fabrics.
  5. Allow to dry in the open position after rain or being washed with water.

Outside Concepts – the outdoor blinds and awnings specialists in Busselton

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Contact Outside Concepts at 1800 601 674 and our experienced team, Nicola and Brett, will be delighted to visit your property, discuss your requirements and provide a complimentary measure and quote. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our Busselton website page.

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Considering outdoor blinds or awnings for your home in the Busselton area? Look at our complete guide.
Considering outdoor blinds or awnings for your home in the Busselton area? Look at our complete guide.