It’s summer again and while most of us in Busselton and surrounds enjoy the long days and increased sunshine that summer provides, on hot days the sun can bring more pain than joy. That’s particularly the case when you want to enjoy entertaining and relaxing in your outdoor living area. So how do you spend more time outdoors and still stay cool? Install Busselton outdoor blinds!

Whether you want to call them outdoor blinds or café blinds (they’re really the same thing!), install them on your outdoor living area and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Outdoor blinds installed on your Busselton home will:

  • Keep the sun out of your outdoor living area. This is particularly useful if your outdoor area receives sun during the heat of the day or late afternoon.
  • Can also be used to help you keep the inside of your house cooler.
  • Will keep out the wind and the rain, making Busselton outdoor blinds a year-round winner.
  • Help to keep pests out of your outdoor living area.

Today’s outdoor blinds are fantastic and very clever.

For example, they can feature a range of fabrics depending on your needs. There’s even a mesh fabric that keeps the sun out while letting light in. At the same time, people won’t be able to see in but you’ll be able to see out – perfect for outdoor living areas exposed to neighbours or passers-by.

Rolling up or rolling down your outdoor blinds is also much easier. While you can still get manual roll-up blinds, there’s also the ease of track-guided or motorised systems. These outdoor blinds can be partly opened to provide complete flexibility, depending on the weather.

Busselton outdoor blinds specialists

When you’re ready to take advantage of outdoor blinds, Outside Concepts is ready to help. Ben and Vanessa, branch owners of Outside Concepts in Busselton, focus all their efforts on blinds and awnings. They’ve perfected the art of installing outdoor blinds and awnings in Busselton and surrounds, even in complex and tricky situations.

Go to the Busselton branch page for more information or organise a free quote by phoning 1800 601 674.

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Getting hot in your Busselton outdoor living area? Need to be cooler? Busselton outdoor blinds from Outside Concepts will do the trick.