What are the essentials of a summer in Busselton? A visit to our world famous jetty, a swim at Busselton beach, ice cream, lots of fluids and don’t forget to slip, slop, slap. Plus, there’s another essential that doesn’t require you to leave your home, because it is for your home, and that’s outdoor blinds to keep the temperature down.

There are two places that outdoor blinds installed on your Busselton home can help you this summer. Read on to find out what those two places are and for more benefits of outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds for your outdoor area

We all like to spend more time outside in summer, and relaxing and entertaining in our outdoor areas is high on the agenda of most Busselton residents. However, when it’s hot, and December, January and February are our hottest months on average, it can be tempting to stay inside with the air conditioning on.

To make your outdoor area more inviting, simply install outdoor blinds.

While most of us who are old enough will remember the plastic blinds that were once all that were available, today’s blinds are much more sophisticated. For example, you can choose a mesh shade fabric that very efficiently reduces solar heat from entering your patio, pergola or verandah. It will also significantly reduce the amount of wind entering your space, which can often add to the heat in summer.

The end result is that you’ll be able to spend more time outside in summer and be much more comfortable when you do relax and entertain outdoors.

Outdoor blinds for your Busselton home

What’s good for your outdoor living area is just as good for your home. When installed on the windows of your Busselton home, outdoor blinds will stop the heat before it enters your inside space. This is particularly the case when the sun would otherwise be blasting on the surface of your windows.

The fact that outdoor blinds stop the heat before it gets inside is important, because this makes them more effective than indoor blinds. Therefore, they’ll do a much better job at regulating the inside temperature of your home.

With your windows responsible for up to 87 per cent of the heat that gets into your home in summer, the installation of outdoor blinds can significantly improve the comfort inside your home. They’ll also help to keep your energy costs down, as you won’t need to run your air conditioning as much, as hard or for as long.

Additional benefits of outdoor blinds in Busselton

  • Outdoor blinds installed on your outdoor living area are also great in the cooler weather. They’ll keep cold winds and rain out and will keep any heat you generate inside for longer.
  • Your outdoor furniture will also appreciate your investment, as they’ll be protected from the bleaching of the sun’s rays.
  • Professionally measured and installed outdoor blinds can help increase privacy, and reduce ambient noise and pests.
  • Today’s outdoor blinds are also easy to use. There are track-guided systems, motorised systems and even systems that can detect when the sun is out and lower automatically.

Outdoor Concepts the Busselton outdoor blinds specialists

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Outdoor blinds in Busselton in summer are as essential as ice cream, cold drinks and sunscreen.
Outdoor blinds in Busselton in summer are as essential as ice cream, cold drinks and sunscreen.