What’s the hottest ticket item in home improvement in Busselton? Roller shutters, of course. That’s because by installing Busselton roller shutters, you’ll be taking a huge step in keeping heat out of your home, but that’s only one of the advantages of these roll-up marvels.

8 reasons to install roller shutters on your Busselton home

  1. While it is still winter, it’s wise to remember that summer’s heat is just around the corner. One of the key reasons for installing Busselton roller shutters on your home is that they’ll prevent up to 90% of heat entering your home. Yes, 90 per cent! This will mean your home will be more comfortable in the hot weather and you’ll reduce cooling costs.
  2. What can keep the heat out can also keep it in. Roller shutters are fantastic in winter, preventing much of the heat inside your house from escaping through your windows.
  3. If you have a living area or bedroom near a busy road or loud neighbours, you’ll certainly enjoy another feature of roller shutters. The insulation qualities that prevent significant heat from entering and escaping your home also help reduce noise.
  4. If your windows look out on the street or a neighbour’s house, roller shutters are a great way of ensuring privacy.
  5. One of the key ways thieves enter homes is via windows, so installing Busselton roller shutters will also improve security on your home. They provide peace of mind when you’re sleeping at night and when you’re away from the house.
  6. Today’s roller shutters are functional. The roller shutters Outside Concepts installs in Busselton feature the highest quality 240 volt or solar smart motors. You can simply lower or raise your roller shutters (even part way if you like) with a flick of an inside wall switch or a remote. Plus, there’s the optional convenience of a sun sensor that will lower your roller shutters when the sun shines on your windows.
  7. Today’s roller shutters are also aesthetically pleasing. They have no unsightly joins and roll tighter than roller shutters of the past. This reduces the size of the pelmet that the roller shutter spools into. They’re also available in 14 on-trend colours.
  8. Busselton roller shutters are strong and built to last. They’re made from lightweight, non-rusting aluminium alloys, with a high-density polyurethane core to provide insulation and strength.

The images on this page show two recent roller shutter projects completed by Vanessa and Ben from Outside Concepts in Busselton. The homeowners of the double storey home were specifically looking for the heat and sun block out advantages of the roller shutters, while the homeowners of the single storey residence wanted noise reduction and privacy.

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The advantages of Busselton roller shutters may surprise you. See what they are in the post.
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