Faced with strict heritage listing regulations, many homeowners may have given up building their dream carport. But with the help of Ron Matz from Outside Concepts in Kew, this homeowner has turned the council regulations to her advantage, building a carport that’s as unique as it is practical.

The carport – and two storage units on either side – was built in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra. It faced a number of heritage listing hurdles before being built. These included setback restrictions on both the front and side boundaries, height limitations and a need to render the carport in rough cast to match the walls of the heritage listed house.

Most of the restrictions were overcome by building a shallow gable carport that was positioned perfectly to overcome the setback restrictions. An existing concrete slab also had to be worked around, with more concrete added where necessary, particularly in the two storage areas at the side. The 2 storage areas have since had roller doors fitted to conceal and protect their contents.

The need to use rough cast render on the walls and brick columns of the carport presented a much more difficult challenge, however. Rough cast render was a popular finish in house facades and gable ends in Melbourne period homes, but it’s difficult to achieve the correct effect with consistency. Ron experimented with various methods of applying the render and came up with a mix and process that worked. It was a laborious operation, but the effect is sensational and identical to the rough cast render on the existing house. The render was then painted to match the house.

The owner was so happy with the finished result that she asked Ron and his team to repair some areas of the house walls!

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