If you’ve ever found your car covered in leaves, washed your car in the morning only to find it dirty again by the afternoon, or had to remove frost from your windscreen on a cold morning, you’ll certainly understand the value of a Canberra carport. Worse still, if you’ve ever had your car vandalised or damaged in an accident while parked on the street, you’ll probably curse the fact that you haven’t got a Canberra carport.

A Canberra carport will certainly be a great comfort for you and your family. If you’ve ever had to pack or unpack an uncovered car in the middle of heavy rain, or you’ve hopped in an uncovered car on a hot, sunny day you’ll know what we mean. But another very good reason to have a carport is to protect what for most of us is our second biggest asset, our car.

There are two main risks that a Canberra carport will protect your car from, and they are the weather and the risk of vandalism or accident.

A Canberra carport for protection from the weather

Whether it’s the beating sun that can fade your paintwork and interior over years or hailstones that can damage your car’s body in seconds, having a carport in Canberra makes sense if you’re serious about protecting your car.

And it’s not just the sun and the occasional threat of hail. Lashing winds, sand, leaves and other debris can take their toll on your car over the years.

A Canberra carport to help prevent vandalism or accident

A car parked off the street in a carport is also less likely to be the victim of vandalism or an accident. This can also be reflected in the cost of your car insurance premium, with insurance aggregator Compare The Market saying that where and how your vehicle is stored is likely to affect your premium, and if you park your car on the street you’re likely to pay more.

Build a new Canberra carport

For protection for your second biggest asset – and some extra comfort for you and your family – give Outside Concepts a call and we’ll organise a free quote and design on a new Canberra carport.

For further information on how a carport can help protect you and your car, as well as add value to your home, see our Carports page or visit our ACT branch page.

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Protect your second biggest asset with a Canberra carport.