If you’re looking for some Canberra decking, for your Canberra house, the obvious choice is hardwood timber. It’s a beautiful product that with ongoing maintenance will look great and provide many years of service. However, if you’d prefer to be entertaining and relaxing on your deck rather than maintaining it, Outside Concepts has the product to fit the bill.

It’s called HardieDeckTM, a product that will suit any style of home in any pocket of Australia. While it resembles wide timber boards, HardieDeckTM isn’t timber at all. In fact, HardieDeckTM is a fibre cement product that has been machined to provide a timber effect.

Laying your new low maintenance Canberra decking

While the product looks and feels like timber, laying it is very different from traditional timber decking boards, which require screws or nail. HardieDeckTM is joined to the decking structure using a clever fixing mechanism that you can’t see, which means there are no screws or nails to be seen. There are also no potentially nasty raised nails that can occur in a traditional deck.

The other main difference is that instead of stains or oils, HardieDeckTM is coated in durable paving paints and sealers. These are products that are normally used for situations such as driveways, paths and patios. They are available in a large range of colours, so you can choose one that matches or compliments your home.

Cost-wise, there’s little difference compared with most popular decking timbers. While HardieDeckTM is generally more expensive as a material component, it’s quicker and easier to install, resulting in less labour costs. Plus, when you factor in the ongoing cost of stains or oils, HardieDeckTM is likely to save you in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Give Outside Concepts a call and we’ll come around to give you a free quote on your new low maintenance Canberra decking.

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HardieDeck is the perfect choice for Canberra decking if you’re looking for a low maintenance option