While many people recognise the advantages of outdoor blinds in the warmer months, as a way of keeping sun out of their outdoor living area, what many people forget is that outdoor blinds are also advantageous in winter. Which is why Canberra outdoor blinds are a great investment all-year-round.

Advantages of installing Canberra outdoor blinds:

  • Yes, they are great at keeping the sun out of an outdoor area, particularly good if your outdoor area is north or west facing.
  • It’s not just the sun that you’re keeping out by using cafe blinds. They’ll also lower the temperature inside your outdoor area, making it more usable when the temperatures soar.
  • Outdoor blinds are excellent at keeping the wind out of your outdoor area. You’ll particularly appreciate this feature if entertaining or relaxing outside when the breeze is cold.
  • Café blinds will help to keep the warmth in your outdoor area during Canberra’s cold winters, and other cold days. This is especially advantageous if you have a patio or other heater in your outdoor area. Without outdoor blinds, the warmth created by your heater can quickly dissipate.

While there’s little doubt about the practicality of Canberra outdoor blinds, you’ll also appreciate how good looking and easy to operate today’s outdoor blinds are. With a little extra cost, you can enjoy the benefits of track-guided systems, some of which can also be partially opened or closed. You can even get motorised versions that make raising and lowering your blinds possible from your hammock!

In addition, if you like your privacy but don’t want to spoil the views, there’s the option of fabrics that allow you to see out, but keep prying eyes from seeing in.

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I can see you but you can’t see me! Being able to see out while enjoying privacy is one of the advantages of Canberra outdoor blinds.