While the weather hasn’t been hot yet (although that’s forecast to change this week) rest assured, like politician promises before elections the heat is sure to be on as we approach the official start of summer. However, that doesn’t mean you need to retreat inside. With a little clever thinking and investing in outdoor blinds for your Canberra home, you can spend lots of time in your outdoor living area this summer.

Keeping your Canberra outdoor living area cool

Reducing the temperature inside your outdoor living area isn’t necessarily as difficult, or expensive, as you may think. There are a variety of ways you can beat the heat and spend more time outside:

  • If you’re planning on building a new patio for your Canberra home consider the weather when deciding on the location. To reduce the heat, the west side of your home is not the place to choose, as the westerly sun can get very hot in summer and can be difficult to shade (enter Canberra outdoor blinds, see below).
  • If you have an existing patio you can’t change the location, but you can do your best to provide shade. A roof on your Canberra patio will help, as can umbrellas, awnings, outdoor blinds (see below) and vegetation. A patio in the full sun will be significantly hotter than one in the shade. The difference can be as much as eight degrees Celsius.
  • For an economical way of cooling your patio, use a pedestal fan. For a little more money, install ceiling fans in your patio.
  • Another great option which also isn’t that expensive is a misting system. These can be fixed or portable. They work best in areas where humidity is lower, so are a good choice for Canberra’s conditions.

Canberra outdoor blinds

As we’ve mentioned, keeping the sun out of your patio is a priority to keep the heat down, but in some patios, particularly those located on the east and west sides, that can be difficult. Enter Canberra outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds and indeed, awnings can play a valuable part in keeping the sun at bay. They’ll also help to lower the overall temperature inside your outdoor living area and keep the hot wind out, so you can spend more time entertaining and relaxing outside.

But that’s not all. Canberra outdoor blinds will also help keep pests out of your patio, help increase privacy, keep rain and dust out and will protect your furniture and other items from sun damage.

What’s more, today’s outdoor blinds look great and are easy to use. With a little more investment you can enjoy the benefits of track-guided systems, some of which can also be partially opened or closed. You can even get motorised versions that make raising and lowering your blinds possible while sitting on your outdoor lounge suite!

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Canberra outdoor blinds are perfect for hot summer days.